Hello dear community!

We apologize for the delay in our March newsletter, but we bring exciting news: we've implemented two significant features—Resources and Background Encryption. In this blog post, we'll focus on Resources, saving Background Encryption for our next update.

Let's delve into Resources now:

As of today, Tella Web enables organizations to securely distribute resources and materials directly to their users within Tella's encrypted container. These resources could include instructions for data collection, messages, or guides on how to gather data effectively.

Admins can log in to their Tella Web space and upload PDFs. Editors and Admins alike can then add these resources into one or multiple projects. Once done, all connected users will have the ability to access these materials via their Tella, even when offline.

Tella Resources page

If you are an Android beta-tester, we would greatly appreciate your feedback on this feature :).

Looking forward to seeing you at our next community meeting next Wednesday!