Dear friends of the Tella Community,

This month, we are thrilled to announce two long-awaited releases, both of which are now available to beta testers!

On Tella Android 2.6.0 we've introduced support for viewing PDFs within Tella's encrypted container. With this update, you can now seamlessly import, view, share, and back up PDF documents to Tella Web. Additionally, we've addressed some bugs and crashes, including an issue with the location of the copied file after editing a photo inside a folder. We've also unified the flow for renaming audio files and fixed various accessibility issues.

On Tella iOS 1.5.0 we are finally ready to make the Uwazi server connection available to iPhone users. In this initial release, we've added support for Text, Numeric, Date, Rich Text, Media, and Select properties. We are committed to further enhancing the iOS server connection over time. More news coming soon!. Additionally, we've expanded language support by adding Russian and Portuguese options for Tella users.

Last weekend Juan and Djordje from our team traveled to Brussels, Belgium. We traveled there as part of a project we are doing to improve our sustainability with Internews. We made very meaningful connections with other grantees and were also very fortunate to be able to stay for the FOSDEM conference. All of us in the Horizontal team are very happy to hear about all the ideas for growing and maintaining our products.

Until next time,