Dear Tella Community,

January starts with good news for you all: Tella iOS 1.4.0 and Tella Android 2.5.0 are live!

The highlight of these two releases is the Anonymous Feedback Form: on Tella Android, Tella iOS and Tella Web, users can fill a short form to contact us anonymously and privately. This is a way for users to report bugs or glitches they experience on the apps; ask for support; or request improvements and new features.

We heard from the community that some of the alternatives to contact us were not private enough for some contexts, as users would need to identify themselves or provide an email address.

The feedback form can be used even without a reliable connection: if the user does not have internet or if the connection drops while they are sending a piece of feedback, the message will be queued and sent as soon as the phone reconnects. Users can also save the message as a draft and send it manually when they are ready.

This release also marks an important accessibility milestone for Android: in 2023 we made sure all images had an alternative text, we updated colors to increase contrast and we added settings to increase text spacing and to enable or disable text justification. We will be updating the accessibility section of our website as soon as we receive a new audit.

We look forward to receiving your feedback on the new releases!

Hasta pronto!