Hello community!

We have 2 big news to share with you all

Accessibility improvements

We released Tella Android 2.4.0(164) on November 1st after a round of beta-testing. This release includes technical improvements in order to simplify the app's maintenance, in preparation for the new features that we will be implementing before the end of the year. We did a full refactor of Tella's architecture to MVVM and unified the app's programming language to Kotlin. We started doing unit testing and added documentation to the codebase. On the product side, we included some new things too:

  • We improved the accessibility of Tella, as part of our plan to make Tella compliant with the WCAG standard. In this release, we made sure that all screens can be navigated sequentially and that all validation error messages are properly announced by screen readers.
  • Now it is possible to edit (crop and rotate) photos in Tella. This way, users don't need to export their files outside Tella for editing photos.

A new home--available offline

We published a new website for Tella that unifies the Tella homepage and the documentation site. In the next few months, we will work with users and partners on making sure our documentation is easy to navigate, and then we will translate it into 7 languages.

We also made it possible to easy install our entire website on a phone or computer! This way, all of Tella's documentation can be accessed without an internet connection.

What's next

In November, we will be releasing an update to Tella iOS to improve performance and stability, and where users can share feedback with us--privately and anonymously--directly from within the app.

Until next month!