Dear Tella Community,

We loved seeing some of you on FIFAFRICA Forum in Tanzania, the CommUNITY gathering in Portugal, on the Media Party in Buenos Aires and on last weeks's community meeting. As the spring/fall season arrives, we've been diligently doing some Tella deep cleaning to prepare for some exciting feature development during the rest of the year. Here's what we've been up to in September:

  • For Android: We refactored Tella's architecture to MVVM (mainly by refactoring the Vault, ODK Forms modules and the Photo, Video and Audio activities). We also unified the code's programming language to Kotlin and added documentation and unit testing to the code base to improve the app sustainability and simplify maintenance.
  • For iOS : We've bid farewell to the old ways of managing files in Tella. Say hello to our new database-driven approach. This change ensures a more sustainable and easy-to-maintain data structure, reducing the likelihood of incidents like the one detailed here.

Sneak Peek into the Future:

While we've been busy with technical upgrades under the hood, we've also been crafting some shiny features that have been asked a lot by you all.

  • Media Editing within Tella: Soon, you won't need to export your media files outside Tella for editing. We're introducing the ability to edit encrypted files directly within the app. Our upcoming Android release (2.4.0) will kick things off with photo editing capabilities (crop and rotate). You all can beta test this feature by becoming beta testers. Please let us know if you need help becoming a beta-tester for Tella. On the next releases for Android and iOS we will also add audio and video editing functionalities.
  • Enhanced Accessibility: We're committed to making Tella inclusive. Our ongoing efforts include improving accessibility for screen reader users. We're ensuring the app can be navigated sequentially, and all error messages will be properly announced. All those will be launched this month on Tella Android 2.4.0.

Thank you for being an integral part of the Tella community!