Dear Tella Community,

As we are closing this challenging year, we wanted to share with you some news about Tella's latest developments.

Anonymous Feedback Form

We heard from the community that some of the alternatives to contact us are not private enough for some contexts, as users would need to identify themselves or provide an email address. As an alternative, we added a form on Tella Android, Tella iOS and Tella Web to let users contact us anonymously and privately.

Under the hood, the feedback shared by users is sent to a server that forwards it to our email. Logs on this server are deleted frequently and no additional information is collected.

Accessibility improvements

In 2023, we dedicated a lot of time to improve accessibility on Tella Android, following an accessibility audit that we received in 2022. In November, we updated colors to ensure sufficient contrast and we improved readability by adding new display settings to enable/disable text justification and to increase line spacing. We hope that these improvements will contribute to making Tella accessible to more users.

Help us test these features

The updated versions of Tella for iOS and Android are now available to beta testers. And you can help us by becoming one too!

  • Android: Sign up on the Google Play Store using this link from your Android device or this link from your web browser.
  • iOS: Sign up on the App Store opening this link from your iPhone.

We'd love to hear your feedback!

May your holidays be filled with joy, warmth, and restful moments.

Until next year,