Hi Community!

This June, we're excited to bring you a wave of updates and new opportunities that will make Tella more accessible than ever before. Thanks to the collective effort with our friends at Localization Lab, we've reached a big milestone for us, something that has been top in our user's requests.

Multilingual Website Launch

We're thrilled to announce that the Tella website, including detailed step-by-step guides, extensive documentation, feature descriptions, tutorials, and much more, is now available in six new languages:

This update is part of our commitment to make Tella accessible to as many global users as possible, ensuring that language is no barrier to privacy and security.

We Value Your Feedback

We invite you to explore the newly translated content and share your thoughts. If there’s a language you need that we haven't covered, or if there’s additional content you’d like to see, please let us know. Share your thoughts directly by answering to this email or use our various "Contact us" alternatives.

Help Us Translate Tella !

With the website now in multiple languages, we want to dedicate proper time to update the translations so the new features we have been releasing are available for all the languages that Tella is available in. We’ve received numerous requests from our community for updating our translations and we're responding with a call for volunteers. This is a volunteer effort, and every bit of help is deeply appreciated. Adriano from Localization Lab will be coordinating this project, ensuring a smooth and efficient translation process for all involved.

To sign up just answer to this email with the languages that you speak and I will connect you with Adriano and the rest of our volunteers. For more information about how the process works visit our Translating Tella page.

iOS Beta Update: Image Editing Within Tella

For our iOS users, there’s more good news! Our latest beta release introduces the ability to edit images directly within Tella's encrypted container. You can now crop and rotate photos without leaving the security of the app, enhancing both functionality and privacy.

Hope to hear from many of you !